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Perry Park Women's Golf Association

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The Perry Park Women's Golf Association (PPWGA) was formed to support and grow our female golfers through a sense of community. 

In 1974, Susan Noll and Meryl Yeager started the PPWGA with 12 women - some avid golfers, and some who were just learning the game.  The structure and organization created a way for women of all skill levels to learn and enjoy the game of golf with a sense of camaraderie and fellowship. 

Today, this is still a focus of PPWGA – to provide opportunities for women with varying interests and abilities to come together and enjoy the game of golf.

Registration in the PPWGA provides access to all of our women’s events, including Wednesday play, Perry Park Golf Team, Double Trouble, President’s Cup, Ladies Weekend League (LWL) and Ladies Evening League (LEL).

For an overview of the PPWGA and related events, please see the PPWGA slide presentation by clicking here.