Brent & Martha K.

How many years a member: 1 year

"We love being members of Perry Park Country Club! Golf, dining, events, and staff have all exceeded any expectations we had.  It is our social hub of activities.  From a relaxing meal on the Wauconda deck to 18 holes played on the exceptionally beautiful and well-maintained course to a cozy and festive holiday brunch with family, the Club has it all.  We look forward to many years ahead as happy members."

Hugh & Bonnie H.

How many years a member: 34 years

"Over the years the various members have given up their time to serve on the club committees and board to make the club better. In my opinion, the club, course, and facilities have never been as good as they are now. I think that the club has a bright future, and we are proud to say we are members. It is still “the best-kept secret in Colorado!” Great club, a great golf course, and friendly members."

Lori T.

How many years a member: 4 years

"Since joining Perry Park, I continue to be impressed by many facets of the Club, such as the exemplary customer service from the minute you arrive, to the excellent facilities and course, to the superb golf instruction, and the well-planned events. We have also felt the encouragement and respect given to all golfers regardless of their ability. I had visited several country clubs in the area but felt that Perry Park had the beautiful scenery and ambiance that I was seeking. The course is kept in great condition and is well respected by the golfing community."

Jim M.

How many years a member: 20 years

"Never get tired of playing Perry Park as I find new places on the golf course every round!"

Anne and Bill W.

How many years a member: 6 years

"We have lived in Colorado Springs for 30+ years and have played every course in that time frame. One of our biggest challenges was finding somewhere that would challenge my low handicap husband but be enjoyable to my high handicap. We found the perfect place for both of us at Perry Park Country Club. 30 minutes door to course and we are transported from the north end of Colorado Springs and find ourselves at a fantastic, mountain-style golf course. Nestled in the fault line that produced Garden of the Gods, surrounded by 100+ foot pine trees, enjoying herds of deer is just the beginning of your golf experience. Fairways and greens are meticulously manicured! There are member groups throughout the week and weekend. If you are interested, there are many social activities throughout the year. Looking for a place to call your new golf home? Give Perry Park Country Club a try. We did and have enjoyed each and every round of golf we have played!"

Dan B.

How many years a member: 12 years

"I had been familiar with Perry Park for a number of years as a guest player. I am in Centennial Colorado and drive 40 minutes one way to the course. It is very much worth the drive to play at this picturesque course which I look forward to every time. Perry Park is unknown to some but my guests that do have a chance to play are amazed at its beauty and condition. There are other private clubs much closer to me, but none can compare to Perry Park. Perry Park continues to be challenging for me and is one of the many reasons I enjoy it so much. I would say anyone who [thinks] of joining a private club should definitely look into Perry Park."

Fred L.

How many years a member: 25 years

"When I first joined the club and was working full time I would only play golf about once a week. When I retired some 10 years ago my golfing frequency increased to 3 to 4 times per week. I live about 33 miles from Perry Park Country Club. My drive to the club usually takes 35 to 40 minutes. Once at Perry Park, I feel that the friendliness of the members and the beautiful scenery far outweigh any concerns I may have about the length of my commute. Through the years I have never gotten tired of playing a great golf course in a spectacular setting. So, what is the biggest concern about my drive? Trying to keep it in the fairway."

Dan G.

How many years a member: 19 years

"I choose to play at Perry Park Country Club even though I live on the 15th hole of Lone Tree Golf Course. I started playing Perry Park about 25 years ago with a friend who is a member. He convinced me to join the club and it was one of the best golf moves I’ve ever made. The course is a magnificent hidden gem and the people at the club are fantastic. It is a group of people who love and appreciate golf and having a good time. When I first started playing Perry Park, I made the drive from downtown Denver. It was worth the drive then, and it is even more worthwhile now that I am only 30 minutes from my front door to golf heaven. Not to mention the fact that the drive is beautiful and relaxing. I love turning up the radio on a Saturday morning and taking in the scenery while dreaming that I can have a double-free round. I can play a weekend primetime round at Perry Park in 4 hours or less. If I want to get out early in the morning or later in the afternoon, I can get around in less than 3 hours. The time I spend driving to the course is more than made up for with the pace of play, plus I never have trouble getting a desired tee time."

John J.

How many years a member: 2 years

"I drive by 5 clubs, and live closer to 18 clubs. Take the drive and see why I make Perry Park my home course. It truly is “Timeless beauty, amazing golf."

Peggy P.

How many years a member: 36 years

"I’ve played many golf courses up and down the front range of Colorado and have never found one more scenic, challenging, and in better shape, with many different tees for women to play. It’s a great course for beginners and seasoned golfers."

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